We are manufacturer of ARABFLEX Rubber Foam Insulation pipes and sheets. ARABFLEX Elastomeric insulation foam tubes are manufactured by continuous Extrusion process. ARABFLEX is a flexible and light weight elastomeric nitrile rubber material designed for thermal insulation. It is Black in Color.

ARABFLEX tubes are specially formulated to produce closed cell structure. ARABFLEX foam tube is mainly used for insulation of piping for air conditioning, refrigeration, and plumbing lines (hot and cold water lines). The extruded flexible tubing are specially designed to fit the standard diameters of steel and copper piping. Sheets are available in standard pre-cut sizes or in rolls.  Its withstands temperatures from -40°C to 125°C.


ARABFLEX expanded closed cell structure provides the ideal and most efficient vapor barrier for the prevention of condensation or frost formation on cooling system, chilled water and refrigerant lines.

ARABFLEX also retards heat loss for hot water plumbing and heating, dual temperature piping and solar systems. It protects pipes by acting as vibration damper and giving protection against corrosion by atmospheric and industrial environment.

ARABFLEX inherent flexibility makes it ideally suited for the insulation of large surface area such as tanks irregular shaped vessels, air- ducts and large diameter pipes.

ARABLEX sheets and roll insulation are extremely flexible and especially adaptable to insulating ductwork, chillers, tanks, vessel and large pipes. It is the same high quality, elastomeric closed cell thermal insulation material as ARABFLEX Tubing.


  • Low thermal conductivity of “K” value.
  • Its closed cell nature requires lower thickness compared to other
  • products of same density, thus cost saving.
  • No jacketing/vapor barrier is required due to the tough skin formed during the manufacturing process. In comparison other insulation products such as Glass wool required a layer of jacketing to prevent water moisture which will effect the “K” value.
  • “K” value is very stable due to the closed cell nature compared to other products.
  • Flexibility enables perfect insulation to fit bend and irregular pipes.
  • Closed cell in non- hazardous. No precaution is needed in handling and installing the product.
  • ARABFLEX provides anti- microbial protection against the growth of microbes.


Tubing unit length 6 Feet (l .83 m). However we can supply any custom length also, as per requirement.

  • Wall Thickness is available from 6mm to 50mm.
  • Sheet rolls are available from 9mm to 50mm.

* Due to continuous improvement, product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.